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For less than the price of a cup of coffee per month per user, you can have your own Internet or intranet (in-house) Web site packed with information about wellness, safety, personal effectiveness, and work/life issues. Lifedesk is a Web site so interactive and effective that users come back to it again and again.

Lifedesk is the electronic culmination of nearly twenty years of research and content development from The WorkCare Group. This is the most complete self-care and work-care Web site available, and it can be customized to meet your organization's needs.

The Lifedesk Web site is divided into nine user sections:

  1. myLifeDesk provides users with their own personalized page featuring their latest scores from LifeDesk's health and productivity assessments, recommended reading based on those scores, and quick access to bookmarked articles and goal contracts.
  2. HealthCourse, our online health risk assessment application, focuses on the key modifiable risk factors that influence the majority of chronic health problems. The process begins with the HealthCourse Questionnaire, a simple form that asks users to input a variety of easily-obtained health values, such as weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Once entered, users are sent directly to their personalized results in Part One of the results—the HealthCourse Risk Assessment.

    Using an easy-to-understand color-coding system, users are shown how their health values compare to evidence-based health norms. In addition, users are provided a summary of each risk category as well as a HealthCourse score—a personal benchmark for gauging improvement. Finally, preventive screening guidelines are provided based on the user’s age and gender. Easy to share, these results can be e-mailed as a PDF to anyone the user desires, including healthcare providers or health coaches.

    Part Two—Potential Health Problems—uses the results from Part One and the same color-coding system to identify the users’ risks for developing
    associated chronic health conditions. Users are then directed to further health-related resources, including LlifeDdesk’s own interactive
    Healthy Approaches behavior change modules..
  3. Healthy Approaches modules are based on the “stages of change” behavior change model. Users are directed to the appropriate stage based on the staging questionnaire at the beginning of each module. Iin addition to having access to the 14 modules and other online resources, LifeDesk’s Healthy Approaches provide customized goal contracts to help users increase their confidence and reach their unique health goals. Tthe user can e-mail the contract to friends, family, healthcare providers, or health coaches to help them stay on track and motivated.

    Besides the goal contracts, Healthy Approaches’ user confidence ratings—which are displayed graphically to employees on myLifeDesk and in aggregate form to employers through LifeDesk Reports—help employees measure their readiness to change and allow employers to see what challenges their employees are facing.
  4. WorkPulse: While health data can be invaluable to maintaining an active and engaged workforce, it may not paint a complete picture of your employees. WorkPulse was created to help you and your employees understand how personal and work issues can affect health. Similar to HealthCourse™, WorkPulse uses three self-reported measures to calculate an employee’s Personal Engagement Index™ (PEI).

    • Presence—Your level of focus and attention to your activities.
    • Energy—The amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy you have to devote to your activities.
    • Interest—Your level of commitment to your activities.
    By using your employees’ averaged PEI scores, as well as the other aggregate data collected from WorkPulse, you can quickly identify specific issues and/or trends that may be affecting overall health and productivity at the worksite.
  5. Your Health is a self-care channel covering the broad spectrum of staying healthy and well. Content addresses all areas of the healthcare continuum—from primary prevention to risk reduction to disease management. A major feature is our common health complaint area based on our award-winning medical self-care content.
  6. Your Time addresses common work/life issues that affect employees,
    such as caring for an older relative, planning a pregnancy, and dealing with separation or divorce.
  7. Your Work provides information and support that promotes personal productivity and effectiveness. Topics include job safety, stress on the job, and worktools—common practices for being a more effective employee.
  8. Resources for LifeDesk include organized links and phone numbers to a variety of healthcare resources, glosseries for commonly used health and medical terms, and a PDF archive of past issues of the Work & Life newsletter.
  9. Discussion Boards provide user-friendly forums for direct communication among your employees, internal wellness staff, and even third-party health coaches.

    Using an intuitive “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) text editor, any registered user can create topics and post replies in as many distinct forums as they choose. The WYSIWYG editor also allows for image and video uploading, tables, and simple HTML coding.

    Site administrators have the ability to create custom forums, moderate user posts and comments, and create individual user permissions.

The Lifedesk Web site also features two administrator-only sections:

  1. Reports For employers, the ability to generate aggregate reports based on employee usage is perhaps LifeDesk’s most valuable feature. LifeDesk offers five areas of real-time aggregate reporting:
    • User Demographics—View the characteristics of your entire employee population.
    • Division Distribution—Compare population profiles across multiple worksites.
    • HealthCourse™—Track your employees’ aggregate results from the HealthCourse health risk assessment tool, including score distribution, identified risk factors, and overall usage.
    • HealthyApproaches™—Follow the usage of each of the 14 modules and see users’ initial stage of change and average confidence score regarding self-efficacy.
    • WorkPulse™—Identify common stressors among your employee population as well as aggregate scores for the Personal Engagement Index™ (PEI)—their presence, energy, and interest.
  2. Password-protected data in every LifeDesk report can be assembled and displayed according to variables selected in pulldown menus. Each custom report can be saved and printed as a PDF document for easy sharing.

  3. Preferences allow administrators to edit user permissions, add new administrators, change contact information, and customize other features of the site.

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To view the full Lifedesk Web site with all its interactive assessment tools, reports, and other features, call us at 1-888-611-6685 or reach us by e-mail at: workcaregroup@earthlink.net and we will provide you with a temporary registration and password. Please call for price information.

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