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For a fully integrated approach to health promotion and work promotion, The WorkCare Group offers a variety of generic and, if you choose, customized print and online products in five distinct categories:

To learn more about our customized products, visit our Custom Health section or contact us. We can customize one of our existing publications or create a new product exclusively for you. Customizations may include simple changes like adding your logo to the front cover or even changing the title; in addition, more personalized customizations are available, such as abridged versions (for easier reading) or even entirely new publications for which you have a need. The choice is yours!

Our existing library of content includes:

Work Promotion Tools
WorkCare is the breakthrough employee support resource for health and productivity management. It gives employees a single source for developing work-care and self-care competencies for better work and life balance. While it boosts employee productivity, it will also boost your bottom line.

For more than 18 years, this award-winning book has helped tens of thousands of employees learn to manage the challenges of their work and personal lives.

The WorkPerks Health and Productivity Series is an innovative set of more than 20 health-management and productivity improvement presentations. Each 45-minute module has the flexibility to be used in “lunch and learn” programs, health coaching, webinars, and as downloads from your company’s health Web site.
Self-Care Products

We offer five specialized self-care publications to meet the needs of every employer group. Each reference offers sound guidance for maximizing health, reducing inappropriate medical utilization, and using the healthcare system more effectively. These publications are:

Well INFORMED, a comprehensive personal health reference containing 298 pages of expert guidance spanning the entire healthcare continuum. It covers over 145 common medical problems and their appropriate care and treatment options. Also covered are topics on preventing illness and accidents, responding to emergencies, adopting medical consumer skills, finding the right doctor and using medications wisely.

Informed AdvantAGE helps older adults take charge of their health with this 340-page resource. Senior-specific topics include "steps for a longer life" and single-page guides to 120 common medical problems. Large type and jargon-free explanations make the instructions easy to read and apply.

Your Baby, Your Child is a valuable resource that covers everything from planning for pregnancy and managing maternity leave to diverse health issues that parents encounter during their child's first six years of life.

Energizing Your Workday provides helpful ways for your employees and their families to improve energy levels and reduce fatigue. Filled with comprehensive information and interactive assessment tools, this booklet focuses on the “Four Rr’s” (Rev-up, Renew, Refuel, Relax), to help readers identify lifestyle and behavioral patterns that may be causing low levels of energy. In addition, Energizing Your Workday includes a “Personal Energy Grid” and an “Log” to help users track their progress from feelings of low energy to high levels of alertness and presence.

For reviews of the self-care publications and pricing information, see our WorkCare Resources Catalog.

Medical Consumerism Tools

INFORMED Maps are patient education modules that address pertinent health conditions. Applicable for disease management and health coaching initiatives, each module uses a standard process—the INFORMED Medical Decision-Making Process™ that helps engage the patient in his or her treatment plan.

Recently, after having used one or more INFORMED Maps, public employees of a large county in California were surveyed. Here is a summary of the results:

  • 88% had a better understanding of their health problems.
  • 94% were more aware of available resources/support.
  • 85% had a better understanding of treatment options.
  • 77% fully understood why a certain treatment was recommended.
  • 69% were more confident in their ability to manage their condition(s).
  • 100% rated the information provided by INFORMED Maps favorably.

Risk Awareness and Reduction Tools
HealthView Personal Health Risk Assessment is a readily affordable, user-friendly HRA that lets you zero in on conditions and behaviors that affect worker health and diminish productivity. It is self-administered, self-scoring, and participants receive immediate, easy-to-read feedback. For a review of HealthView™ and pricing information, see our WorkCare Resources Catalog.

StressView is a self-scoring stress management and resiliency tool that helps employees cope with and adapt to the stressors in their life. By using StressView, employees are able to assess their “life blocks,” identify areas that may be contributing to negative stress and negative presenteeism, and learn proven approaches for improving resilience and life effectiveness.

Healthy Horizons is a 32-page personal planning guide which helps employees increase risk awareness and keep track of their vital health information. It offers practical "ideas that work" like exercise, cholesterol control, healthy eating, etc. and features a complete record-keeping system for screening results, family health history, medical use records and more. For a review of Healthy Horizons and pricing information, see our WorkCare Resources Catalog.

Our Healthy Approaches series is a collection of 14, 20-page booklets on specific health topics such as stress management, physical activity, weight control, smoking cessation, managing diabetes, etc., incorporating the "stages of change" methodology into every booklet. Healthy Approaches™ provides integrated approaches to risk intervention. For a full listing of all titles and pricing information, see our WorkCare Resources Catalog.
E-Solutions: Internet/Intranet Tools and Licensed Online Content

Now your organization can combine the power of the WorkCare program with the impact and immediacy of electronic online delivery. Employees and their families in all stages of life use our WorkCare tools to improve their health and well being.

LifeDesk™ is a comprehensive health and productivity management online platform. Comprised of our award-winning content, Lifedesk provides a number of interactive health and productivity tools that help employees stay healthy and engaged on and off the job. In addition, LifeDesk provides decision-makers with real-time aggregate reports regarding health risks, presenteeism, and behavior change.

LifeDesk also features two full-color, easy-to-use guides for both employees and site administrators that detail every function of this powerful online resource.

For more information about the unique features of LifeDesk, click here.
Why We Are Different: Health Promotion And Work Promotion!

Unlike most healthcare resources online, The WorkCare Group's e-content solutions don't just offer medical and health-related information. We take a complete, comprehensive, and integrated approach to the lives of your employees. Not only do we offer health and self-care information and assessments; we also offer work-care resources for coping with work and work/life issues that undermine employee productivity, motivation, and effectiveness. Our system actually promotes employee productivity while promoting their health and well being!

How Licensed Content Can Work For You

Many organizations opt for our full interactive Web site of information. But we understand that one size doesn't fit all. Some programs only need healthcare and self-care information. You can license that portion of our Web site to integrate with your program, or even as a stand-alone program. Some organizations need only our work-care content to augment their health promotion program. You can license that portion as well.

We have many customers who desire our comprehensive health and wellness information, and they license that information, not only to be used in their online programs, but also on CD-ROMs, and some license information which can be transferred to their print media solutions. So whether it's health promotion or work promotion materials you seek, please peruse the information on this site and use your imagination as to how you can integrate this valuable information into your new or existing program.

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