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Do you want to be able to reduce major costs caused by unnecessary physician visits, absenteeism, injuries, or caregiving? Are you looking for a way to reduce health care and mental health claims? Would you like a tool that does all that and reinforces and supports your organization's communications too? Then you want Work & Life, an 8-page, 4-color, bimonthly newsletter. Work & Life provides readers with regular, timely, and credible information to help them enhance their health and productivity, at work and at home.

This award winning publication does not force publisher-directed information on the reader. Instead, we let our readers tell us what they need in health-related information. We not only encourage feedback throughout the year, but also conduct periodic reader surveys. Then we incorporate this feedback into articles that are a quick read with "bottom line" action ideas that are easy to achieve.

Work & Life is:

  • current. Our editorial staff uses the latest in medical research and includes interviews with highly regarded industry experts.
  • easy-to-read, yet engaging. It is written at the 7th-grade reading level. The articles are short and to the point, featuring bulleted action items and user-friendly self-care charts. Our surveys show that 90 percent of all eligible employees read 50 percent or more of every issue!
  • customizable for quantities of 10,000 or more, and may include your masthead, logo, company or wellness program’s name, and your return address. We can even produce an exclusive publication tailored to your company's needs and worker interests.

These are Work & Life's regular features:

  • Your Work is dedicated to such work care issues as safety, communication skills, stress, sleep-related problems, performance enhancement, and job satisfaction.
  • LifeCourse features an in-depth tutorial on such topics as dealing with change, resolving conflict, multi-tasking, and time management. The "Mentor" sidebar features an expert in the topic's field. "Reference Desk" provides additional resources for further study, and "Homework" provides a simple exercise for practicing a related skill.
  • Your Life addresses the issues of work and life balance including communication skills, parenting, childcare, elder care, home safety, and managing finances.
  • Your Care highlights a medical self-care topic such as colds and flu, allergies, or heartburn—some of the most common reasons for physician and emergency room visits.
  • Your News provides up-to-date news and research related to your health and well being.

Whether you use Work & Life as an independent "stand alone" publication or integrate it into your corporate health program, it is an effective health and work education tool. Our experience has shown that repeated health care messages really work. They can change behaviors and outcomes more than a single-message publication or a once-read book.

To view a recent issue of Work & Life, click here. To order a sample issue, see our WorkCare Resources catalog. To discuss customization possibilities and for further price information, contact us.

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